Hi, all lovely people. My name is Veronika and this is my blog. Are you interested in who is standing behind all these patterns? You are in the right place.

First of all sorry for my English. It is my 4th language, and I am not good at it at all. I am trying to do my best to write as clearly and correctly as I can. I think I need to do this in English because it is an international language and I think this is the best way to reach as many people as I can.

Secondly, I am from Lithuania, my parents came from Belarus, I went to a Polish school and have a degree from the Academy of Arts in Vilnius.

Thirdly, I crochet only for about 4 years.

How did I find out crochet? For years, I thought all is possible to crochet is a tablecloth with a 1 mm size hook. And I was not a fan of this idea at all. Therefore, I have not imagined one day it became a so-loved hobby. But about 4 years ago I met a girl who has been crocheting blankets for years. And it was like a mind-blowing experience. This was a day I find out you can use a 5 mm hook and a heavyweight yarn and crochet unique blankets. And I decided to try. And here is how this journey began.

Why granny squares? Why blankets only? Well, I crochet some clothing behind the scene too, but I just love blankets. All kinds of blankets are a symbol of comfort and warm feelings to me. Probably like most of us I have started my crochet journey from the traditional granny square. But I got bored soon and started looking for more interesting patterns. But I had no idea about the meaning of all abbreviations at the time, so I was able to try only those squares with diagrams. But one day diving on Pinterest I found out the one and only Maṇḍala Madness by Helen Shrimpton. And this was the love at the first sight. I just had to make it. I found out the pattern, it was free, but I had no idea how to read it, Thank God there was a video by Esther on YouTube, and I decided to try. And here is how I learned all the meanings of the abbreviations and how to read a written pattern. I was crocheting for days, and I was at about round 67 of Maṇḍala Madness when I decided to create something by myself. And here is how the Snowflower blanket was created. I need to confess I still have not finished Maṇḍala Madness. Once I had tried to create something new I could not stop doing this, and now if I want to create something quick, I create a square, and if I want a longer journey — it is a blanket.
Lately, I am trying to design matching squares, so they can be joined into a blanket.

Why my patterns are free? I find out and fall in love with crochet because there were free crochet patterns, I think if there be more interesting and unique patterns available for free more people will join us.

What is this blog about? I started this blog as a place where I can put all my patterns. I am not good at saving written notes, so I think all patterns will be safer if published. I also want to see how many squares and blankets I can create. Years later it will be fun to see them all in one place.

How often do I publish new patterns? I do not have any publishing strategy, once I have a pattern with all edited photos — it is posted. In fact, it takes me less time to create a pattern, than making all photos/videos and publishing it. I still have plenty of notebooks with hundreds of not published patterns.

You can contact me via vcrochetpatterns@gmail.com