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Crochet blanket Snowflower / Part 1

ABBREVIATIONS (US TERMS)sl-st slip stitch, ch chain, sc single crochet, hdc half-double crochet, dc double crochet, tr treble crochet, bp back post, fp front post, st stitch, sts stitches, popcorn – 5dc in same st, remove hook from loop and insert from front to back of 1st dc and into dropped loop and pull through. To close popcorn ch 1. Ch 1 counts as a part of popcorn st.

ROUND 1. Starting with a magic ring (R1.1)ch1 (R1.2) (does not count), 16hdc into ring (R1.3). Join to 1st hdc with a sl-st (R1.4)
Stitch count: 16 hdc.

ROUND 2. ch2 (R2.1)(does not count), 2dc in same st (R2.2), *ch1, skip next st, 2dc in next st (R2.3)*, repeat ** 8 times. Omit last 2dc, join to 1st dc with a sl-st, fasten off and secure ends. (R2.4)
Stitch count: 16 dc, 8 ch1 spaces

ROUND 3. Join with a standing popcorn in any ch1 space (R3.1), *ch3, skip next 2 sts, popcorn in next ch1 space (R3.2) *, repeat ** 8 times, omit last popcorn. Join to standing popcorn with a sl-st, fasten off and secure ends. (R3.3)
Stitch count: 8 popcorn, 8 ch3 spaces

ROUND 4. Join with a standing sc in any 2nd dc of round 2 and ch3 space together (R4.1), * working in back of popcorn in skipped st of round 1 (tr, ch1, tr), sc in 1st dc of round 2 and ch3 space of round 3 together, sc in 2nd dc of round 2 and ch3 space of round 3 together (R4.2)(R4.3)*, repeat ** 8 times, omit last sc, join to standing sc with a sl-st, fasten off and secure ends. (R4.4)(R4.5)
Stitch count: 16 sc, 16 tr, 8 ch1 spaces

ROUND 5. Join with a standing sc in any 2nd sc of round 4 (R5.1), *in next st (sc and hdc), in ch1 space (2dc, ch1, 2dc), in next st (hdc and sc), sc in next 2 sts (R5.2)*, repeat ** 8 times, omit last sc, join to standing sc with a sl-st, fasten off and secure ends. (R5.3)
Stitch count: 32 dc, 16 hdc, 32 sc, 8 ch1 spaces

ROUND 6. Join with a standing bpsc around any 2nd tr of round 4 (R6.1)(R6.2), *ch2, bpsc around 1st tr of round 4, ch1, bpsc around 2nd tr of round 4 (R6.3)(R6.4)*, repeat ** 8 times, omit last bpsc, join to standing bpsc with a sl-st(R6.5)(R6.6)
Stitch count: 16 bpsc, 8 ch1 spaces, 8 ch2 spaces

ROUND 7. sl-st to ch2 space (does not count), ch1 (does not count), 4sc in same ch2 space (R7.1), *skip next st, sc in ch1 space, skip next st, 4sc in ch 2 space (R7.2)*, repeat ** 8 times, omit last 4sc, join to 1st sc with a sl-st(R7.3)(R7.4)
Stitch count: 40 sc

ROUND 8. ch1 (does not count), sc in same st (R8.1), *sc in next st, ch4, sc in next 4 sts (R8.2)*, repeat ** 8 times, omit last sc, join to 1st sc with a sl-st(R8.3)
Stitch count: 40 sc, 8 ch4 spaces

ROUND 9. sl-st to st before (does not count), sc in same st (R9.1), *skip next 2 sts, 11dc in ch4 space, skip next 2 sts, sc in next st (R9.2)*, repeat ** 8 times, omit last sc, join to 1st sc with a sl-st, fasten off and secure ends. (R9.3)
Stitch count: 8 sc, 88 dc


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  1. Nancy

    Spectacular! Can’t wait to make it!

  2. Nancy

    Question-Is the amount of yarn per color, type of yarn and hook size listed in your beautiful patterns? Can you point me to where it is? If not, can you add this to each of the blanket patterns? I want to make them all!!! Thank you!

    1. Veronika

      Hi there,
      I am now working on this writing pattern and am crocheting the same blanket with 2 different yarns, the one you can see in the photos, is “Alize – Baby Wool”(50g-175m, 1.76oz -192yds, 3.5mm hook), and another one in “YarnArt – Baby” (50g – 150 m, 1.76oz, 164 yds, 4 mm hook). Once finished the first one will be about 120×120 cm in size, and the second one – 180×180 cm. Once the full pattern will be posted, there will be 13-14 parts at all, I will be able to say the total amount of yarn used for each, as well as the amount of yarn per color. I will be working on videos for this pattern at the end of this year or next year.

  3. Nancy

    Sorry-one more question : )
    Is the video tutorial of this pattern on YouTube? Thanks again for your beautiful patterns.

  4. marlise Bornman

    Hi there, my name is Marlise and I am a love crochetting. I saw this beautiful pattern on Ravelry.
    Is this pattern available for printing, would love to make this blankie.
    I cant seem to download it for printing.
    Many Thanks and Kind Regards

    1. Veronika

      Hi There,
      Unfortunately, this pattern is available only online. There is no option to download.

    2. marlise Bornman

      Thank you
      I was hoping that I can download it, I do have limited Internet access.

  5. Marlise Bornman

    Hi There, I would love to crochet this beautiful blankie. Cant seem to download the parts. Is there a possibility that I maybe get a link to download the parts. Many thanks
    Marlise Bornman

  6. Pat Biese

    The square patterns are wonderful and beautiful I need to try some of them thank you

  7. Kamie

    Thanks for the pattern! I have ordered the yarn for the coral and yellow colored blanket. Do you have a color chart available for the different rounds? Thanks!

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