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Crochet Blanket Ammaline / Rounds 53-54

Crochet Terms: US
Abbreviations: st – stitch, sl-st – slip stitch, ch – chain, sc – single crochet, hdc – half double crochet, dc – double crochet, tr – treble crochet, fp – front post, bp – back post, tbl – third back loop. Puff st – Yarn over, insert hook from front to back to front around post of indicated st, yarn over and pull up a loop, repeat 3 more times, 9 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through all 9 loops, ch 1 to close front post puff stitch.

ROUND 53. Join with a standing sc in 1st sc after 3dc group, sc in next 559 sts. Join to standing sc with a sl-st(R53.1)
Stitch count: 560 sc

ROUND 54. ch1 (does not count as stitch)puff st in same st (R54.1), *(skip next st, puff st in next st) 4 times, puff st in next 6 sts (R54.2), (skip next st, puff st in next st) 28 times (R54.3)*, repeat ** 8 times, omit last puff st. Join to 1st puff st with a sl-st, fasten off, and secure ends.
Stitch count: 304 puff st


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